Дек 202012

Meringue Pavlova

Meringues "Pavlova" are smart and very tasty fancy cakes, which easy adorn christmas table and leave nobody indifferent. One more indubitable advantage — there are no yolks in this recipe. If you bake often, you? probably, faced with the promlem of excess egg's whites. So, meringues "Pavlova" is a pervect way to use these extra whites, which you can keep in the fridge, by the way, for a long time.
Ingredients are for 12 meringues 10 cm each.

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Дек 152012

Торт пьяная вишня

Yesterday I baked a cake "Drunk cherry" for colleagues. To my surprise — it has a huge success. I will try to prepare and publish the recipe in the near future.

And the flowers from my husband. It is beautiful, isn't it? )


Дек 082012
Cheesecake two chocolates with muesli
Cheesecake "Two chocolate" with muesli — is one of the most successful of my experiments today. Baked granola crunch so cool! A duo of white and dark chocolate allows you to feel the contrast of flavors and savor every one of them! Wonderful cheesecake! Try it!
Ingredients are for small cheesecake (diameter 18-20 cm).

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Ноя 032012


This is a speciality of Tatar cuisine (in Tatar «Echpochmak») – hot, succulent, spicy patties with potato and turkey filling. The recipe comes to me from my mum. This patties are the most favourite dish for Sunday dinner in our family. The cooking process is not simple. But they are worth it. I'd like to present you a visiting card of Tatar cuisine – «Triangles» or «Echpochmak».
Ingredients are for 12 triangles.
Окт 262012
Cottage cheese cake "Margo"
Today you can find «Cheesecake» almost in each menu inside «Dessert» part. But, what had been before we knew about this American dainty?
There were granny’s cottage cheese cakes! Everyone has his own recipe. I’d like to present you the recipe from my granny. Obviously, this cottage cheese cake is far from the taste of a modern cheesecake, but it is really delicious in its own way.
Ingredients for a big cottage cheese cake (diameter 26-28cm).